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About Us

Where does the name "Green Cloud" come from?

Green Cloud Chinese Medicine is a clinic for the people.

We came across "Green Cloud" when we last visited the Green Cloud Chinese temple in Malaysia. This temple practices Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism- all non-religious philosophies. Chinese Medicine itself has a strong basis to all three teachings-  "Three teachings harmonious as one simply reflects the long history, mutual influence, and (at times) complementary teachings of the three belief systems.".  In this modern age, Chinese Medicine should be practiced in a way that not only applies to these traditional teachings/ philosophies but also modernised to fit the changes of the world. 

The name Green Cloud comes from a Chinese idiom "平步青雲" which means to rapidly go up in the world or prosperity. The direct translation of "平步" (Ping Bu) also means even or easy steps; as for "青雲" (Qing Yun) it translates to Green  Cloud. We like to think that the clinic would be a place for people to heal their mind, body and spirit with ease. 

Green Cloud Chinese Medicine are run by practitioners who dedicates their time into their own spiritual and physical practices. We believe that these practices allow us to be better people and better practitioners. We endeavour to help you with restoring your health and wellbeing through the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. 

As registered AHPRA practitioners, we understand the importance of complementing both Chinese and Western Medicine to ensure that our patients are receiving the best care. All patients will be treated individually with personalised care in the clinic. 

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Our Mission 

The Healing Journey Starts With You

Human body is part of nature and nature has its own law (Tao). One of the law is: the human body has the ability to heal itself. The best thing about being Chinese Medicine doctors is that we understand the law of nature (Tao). This gives us an insight to how you can heal your mind, body and spirit with some guidance from us. 

We would love to support you through your healing journey as long as you are willing to have us involved in it. 

Our Values

Compassion & Integrity

Green Cloud Chinese Medicine holds our patients to high esteem. We love what we do because we are dedicated to helping people. There is nothing more rewarding for us than seeing our patients' body, mind and spirit transform.  We practice what we preach. We aim to make a difference through exceptional service and commitment to serve our patients.

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